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Foothills Residence

New Home 4300 sf, 2 bedroom, 4-1/2 bath, single family residence with attached 820 sf oversized three car garage.  This home is wood frame construction covered with stone and stucco.  The home includes a 3rd floor home office with 360-degree views, and a kitchen, breakfast deck and master bedroom to the east overlooking the city lights in the evenings and sunrises in the morning.

Design Goals 


Located on a private mountain road in the foothills west of Boulder, Colorado, this 35 acre lot overlooks the Indian Peaks to the West, Bear Mountain and back of the first Flatiron to the South, and the cities of Boulder and Denver to the East.

The main design goal was to create a sense of place throughout the home.  Through a unique site feature, the site divided itself along a ridge between two distinct zones:  a very exposed and barren rocky area overlooking the cities of Boulder and Denver to the east down Sunshine Canyon, and a sheltered "wilderness" with distant view of the Indian Peaks to the west with close views of outcroppings to the north and south.  The home’s form is divided along this line by a spine wall.  The spine wall separates the master suite, and kitchen from the rest of the home allowing the roof forms for the kitchen and master suite to fly off towards the plains while the other roofs softly blend with the slope of the landscape. 

A secondary design goal was to create a spectacular home office reminiscent of a Forest Service fire lookout tower. This 3rd floor office allows for views in every direction and helps shelter the entrance of the home.  


Completed 1999.

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