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Leland Creek Residence 


Description 6,500 sf, 5 bedroom, 5-½ bath residence includes a four car garage with multiple decks in several locations:  off the lower level family, main level great room, second level guest suite and third level ‘Whiskey Watchtower.’  The home is sided with recycled barn siding in two colors, grey and charcoal ‘shou sugi ban’, along with natural flagstone.   The home has stunning views down into Leland Creek and the valley, and distant views to the back side of the Vasquez ski runs at Winter Park Resort.

Design Goals

Creation of  a home that is intended to become a family legacy that is handed down from generation to generation.  A special family crest was created that is incorporated into bath and hot tub towels and adorns the raw metal fireplace slider at the Great Room.

Blur the distinction between inside and outside spaces in the high altitude location of Winter Park.  This blurring was accomplished through the use of exposed interior steel beams and columns and exposed exterior steel channels that are thermally broken to eliminate cold and energy transfer.  Also, oversized Fleetwood sliding glass doors were used in stackable and disappearing pocket formats to allow the Great Room, Dining and Kitchen to open up to the large main level outdoor deck.  These doors incorporated an interlocking stile that allowed elimination of a post at the corner for total openness.

Connection to historic architecture of Grand County.  Exposed steel, barnwood siding, exposed concrete slab floors and natural flagstone are used in the interior and exterior of the residence to create a timeless architecture that captures the time, place and essence of Grand County living.

This home was inducted on November 2nd, 2017 into Mountain View Window & Door’s Ring of Fame.

Client Quote  


“We hosted a work party at the home and it was the perfect experience - especially with the great weather and the prime fall colors.  We are 100% satisfied with our home.  We still cannot believe how perfect it is.”

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