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Norwood Residence

Extensive Renovation and Addition.  5900 sf, 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, with home office.  The lower level includes a home theatre, exercise and wine rooms.  Spectacular views over the entire Boulder Valley led our clients to purchase an outdated 1970’s ranch house on a bluff in North Boulder.

Design Goals 


The challenge was to bring these views into the home, as well as enlarge it for an active family of four.  To accomplish these goals, dark paneled walls were eliminated, low ceilings raised, and emerald green shag carpeting removed.  The entire main level was transformed into a loft-like single room consisting of living, dining and kitchen areas.  The kitchen can be separated by shoji-like sliding doors made of aluminum honeycomb panels sandwiched between two sheets of translucent polycarbonate.

Large areas of glazing capture views of the plains to the east, and of the Flatirons and Mount Sanitas to the west.  To add to the cosmopolitan feel of the home, a subtle palette of natural birch cabinetry, stained concrete countertops, stainless steel appliances, glass tiles, bamboo flooring and pale April-sky-blue walls was used.

A new upper level was added, comprising the master bedroom, master bath and home office.  This new level allows the homeowners to peek into a beautifully landscaped back yard with a waterfall and pond that prior to the remodel, was visually removed from the interior of the home.  Skylights in the new stairways allow light from the upper level into both the main level and the lower level further uniting the various parts of the home into a timeless, serene whole.  


Completed in 2001.

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