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AOC Show 162: No Project Should Start From a Blank Sheet

Ellen Bensky
Steve Nonis

Turner Fleischer

Ian Keough and Anthony Hauck, CEO, Founder and President of Hypar, and Matt McMullen, Associate Principal at Abel Design Group, join us on this episode 162 of Art of Construction.

After more than 5000 years of building, there is no doubt that there exists today an enormous amount of information and expertise on building designs. In order to take the AEC industry to the next level, Hypar provides a platform through which this building information and expertise can be captured and shared to use on other projects around the world.

As college students, Ian and Anthony studied architecture as well as sculpting. While originally desiring to craft physical structures, they both eventually moved to software and the process of BIM and generative design for the AEC industry. Both ended up becoming veteran Autodesk employees, and after many years at the forefront of technology and design they decided they saw a need that wasn’t being filled. This is what led the creation of Hypar.

With all of the valuable data we’re gathering in this age of technology and construction, it makes no sense that any construction project would start from a blank sheet. Hypar understands this, and as a web-based, cloud platform that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, they are aiming to be a centralized database of building data and design processes that can be optimized by others to jumpstart their design work. Rather than replacing the architect, this process aims to augment the more standard and repeated aspects of architecture in order to increase overall design freedom and give the architect more options to work with.

Join Devon and Matt as they go on a journey with Ian and Anthony to learn their story through the world of architecture and construction to software design and Hypar, how they’re using generative design and a centralized library to evolve the way buildings are built, and how contractors and affiliates can put these tools in their own arsenal to improve their own business and own the conversation on any project.

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