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AOC Show 121 - Sound Control - Architectural Acoustic Solutions for Your Project

Wilson (Wil) Byrick, Director of Technical Services at Pliteq Inc.

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Wilson (Wil) Byrick, Director of Technical Services at Pliteq Inc., joins us on the Art of Construction to share how his company is revolutionizing the sound control world with recycled tires.

Pliteq offers a number of architectural acoustic products that are rigorously tested by 3rd party labs to ensure they meet building code requirements. These products solve impact and airborne sound problems common in multi-family buildings and fitness centers. Not only does Pliteq produce gold standard sound control products, but they are finding a second use for some of the 320 million tires that are discarded annually in North America. Take a listen as Wil explains what sorts of acoustic needs a building project might have and what solutions are available for the industry.

0:46 Speed round, get to know Wil

3:19 Meet Wil professionally, an architectural acoustic expert and tire recycling entrepreneur.

3:36 Pliteq - a company started on the idea of recycling car tires. Pliteq has 7 patents on inventions that use crumb rubber to prevent noise and vibrations in buildings.

4:49 How Pliteq is leading the industry in sound control by their innovative use of recycled car tires.

5:54 Pliteq uses independent testing and 3rd party labs to ensure their products meet building code requirements

6:34 Noise from neighbors walking on the floor above is the most second litigated issue in multi-family housing.

7:22 Easier and more cost effect to do noise mitigation in the construction process, and not to try to correct later on.

8:04 The International Building Code mandates for sound control - STC rating of 50 and an IIC rating of 50.

8:31 Definition of Sound Transmission Class (STC) - airborne sounds like conversations or music.

8:46 Impact Insulation Class (IIC) - controlling impacts like walking on a second story floor.

10:21 How IIC is measured with a tapping machine and microphone.

11:24 How a GenieMat RST would be used in a project - finished floor underlayment, used in every concrete tower in North America.

12:28 Genie Clip for wood frame multi story buildings to isolate the ceiling. The drywall channel is attached to the GenieClip so the ceiling doesn’t vibrate, and therefore doesn’t carry sound.

15:31 Fitness Center related product GenieMat Fit - sound control mats for treadmills and weight rooms.

17:35 If you are a contractor and have a need for sound control, contact your local acoustical consultant

18:16 How to contact Pliteq at

19:04 Where to find an acoustical consultant? Your architect has a duty of care to meet building code standards. Either the architect or the builder can hire the acoustical consultant. An acoustical consultant will evaluate all sound needs, considering other factors like HVAC systems.

23:36 Where is the future of construction acoustics? Pliteq is working with modular construction to make sure that the units have proper sound insulation. Also working with metal pan deck manufacturers.

27:05 One thing to help contractors and affiliate grow their business? When you are working with STC and IIC in your projects, make sure you are using 3rd party lab tested in the way you plan to use the product.

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