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AOC Show 174/Real-Time Rendering & Virtual Reality Series: A Collaborative Design Experience

Steve Nonis
Turner Fleischer

Ellen Bensky and Steve Nonis, CEO, CFO and Principals at Turner Fleischer Architects, as well as Senior Designer/Technologist and Digital Practice Lead Nebojsa Milutinovic and Kristian Pal join us on this episode 174 of Art of Construction.

On this third and final episode of our series on real-time rendering and virtual reality brought to you by Enscape, Devon and Matt spoke with the team over at Turner Fleischer Architects in Toronto, Canada. We previously featured Ellen and Steve of TF on AOC Show 159: A Dedicated Approach to R&D and Office Management. This time, the principals were joined by leaders of their digital team, a team that at Turner Fleischer plays a huge role in the everyday practices of their company.

Last time we featured Turner Fleischer we spoke at length about their company’s dedicated approach to research and development and how and why they continuously seek out new technology to improve their practice and deliver a better product to their clients. During these sessions of research and trying out different technologies, TF’s digital team landed on Enscape as a real-time rendering software that truly had the potential to elevate their business to higher levels of productivity, better coordination with their clients and ultimately better designs. Now, Enscape is an everyday tool in their company, used not only by their design teams but also by other employees who attend their internal trainings known as TF Academy.

The TF Academy is an in-house teaching series that invites all of their employees to participate in learning sessions on new technology and design practices. During our conversation, their team reflected on how easily accessible Enscape is for new users in these sessions; even to employees who may not be as skilled at technology. TF’s digital team is able to easily train coworkers, their clients, and even other trades on the job how to easily use this tool to better inspect, work and collaborate on their projects.

Ultimately, Enscape allows all of us in the AEC community to work together more effectively and use the power of new technology to the fullest. The instant rendering of BIM models that Enscape allows, and the ability to walk through these lifelike renderings in virtual reality and see and feel design decisions in real-time is steadily bringing our industry to new heights. We at Art of Construction are huge fans, and we encourage all of you, AOC Tribe to take some initiative and figure out how you can use Enscape to help grow your businesses today!


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