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AOC Show 131 - Building the Construction Workforce

Josh Munns and Josh Denton, co-founders of Ground Up Construct

Ground Up Construct logo and website link

Josh Munns and Josh Denton, co-founders of Ground Up Construct, join us on the Art of Construction to share how their company is offering solutions to the labor shortage.

As an owner of a window dealership, Munns was forced to turn down millions in contracts because of the lack of skilled labor available for hire. This inspired Munns and Denton to start Ground Up Construct, a digital platform helping companies across the construction industry foster a strong, safe and well-trained workforce. Ground Up Construct aims to show the next generation entering the workforce that the construction industry offers exciting and rewarding careers. Whether you are looking for a career in construction or a business ready to hire skilled trade professionals, Ground Up Construct is building up the workforce to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Bio of Josh Munns: For the last 12 years I have been an owner/operator of nvision glass. We specialized in commercial glass installations along with installing windows and doors in custom homes. Working in all aspects of the business allowed me to fully understand the business and what made it successful. What I learned is that without skilled trade professionals out installing the products we sold our business would not be what is is today. I believe in the trades and the hard work people put into creating the buildings and homes we all enjoy. So in 2017 I decided to start Ground Up Construct, an online platform to promote the careers that exist in the construction industry. We are empowering the people that build the future.

Bio of Josh Denton: Born and raised in Southern California led me to an early career in the Surf and Skate industry. Through my experience in sales and marketing it took me next into Retail which immediately turned into store development and construction. Exposure to commercial construction grew my interest and love for the construction industry. In 2015 I moved to Reno with my wife and 2 children. Through that move I was introduced to Josh Munns at nvision Glass where I was hired on as the General Manager. Over the past couple years we have grown nvision Glass while developing Ground Up Construct.

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