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AOC Show 144/Ground Up Construct Series: The World’s Problems, Solved

Josh Munns and Josh Denton, co-founders of Ground Up Construct

Ground Up Construct logo and website link

Josh Munns and Josh Denton, co-founders of Ground Up Construct, join us once again on the Art of Construction. In this second episode of a three part Deep Dive Series, we discuss The World’s Problems, Solved. (Actual title: Don’t Go Chasing Unicorns)

Munns and Denton join us to review the genesis of Ground Up Construct, and how it was created to upend the traditional construction trades hiring model. By creating a platform for tradespeople to showcase what they do best, their work, they are connecting companies to the right people faster than ever before. And once you find the right people, Ground Up Construct can help you create leaders within your team to keep your company’s hires on the right track.

Join Devon as he continues his journey with Josh and Josh to explore the evolving hiring process in construction; and how to create a company hiring Culture that supports People and their careers, not just filling jobs.

Bonus: Make sure to listen for the limited special offer at the end of the episode! Code AOCFREE

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