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AOC Show 146: The Art of Managing Leads

Jason Blenker, visionary leader for Blenker Companies

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Jeff Wraley, founder and CEO of BestQuote, joins us on this episode 146 of The Art of Construction.

Jeff had been in the general contracting world for 10 years when he saw an opportunity to leverage technology and launched BestQuote, an MVP app designed to allow contractors and homeowners to meet and exchange information virtually. As the construction world continues to lag behind the technological developments of other industries, Jeff is leading the way in using new technology to streamline processes and tackle the common problems every contractor faces—in this case, managing leads.

Join us as we discuss Jeff’s journey and discover a few themes: the new abundance of information that technology is bringing to construction, the evolving relationship between the homeowner and the contractor, and the importance of making a customer-centric change in your company.


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