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AOC Show 148: Creating Collaborative Building Environments

Jason Blenker, visionary leader for Blenker Companies

Adam Steinbach and Jim Pfeiffer, cofounders of Unum Collaborative, join us on this episode 148 of the Art of Construction.

Adam and Jim founded Unum Collaborative with a singular mission to represent all those in the building process, and not just themselves. As an Architecture and Interior Design firm, Unum works with a variety of digital fabricators, craftsmen and builders to create forward-thinking and community-oriented architectural designs. They are very passionate about fostering collaborative environments on their projects, and use all the new digital technology available to ensure open lines of communication exist between all parties every step of the way.

Join us as we discuss Adam and Jim’s work using one of their favorite projects as a case study, and explore the benefits of using empathy and community building to create stellar construction teams whose collective work far exceeds the sum of their parts.


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