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AOC Show 158: Why Subcontractors Are Key to the General Contractor’s Success

Jason Blenker, visionary leader for Blenker Companies

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Christopher Wilocki, Director of Construction Technology at Sturgeon Electric Company, joins us on this episode 158 of Art of Construction.

As all of us in the construction industry continue to push the needle forward, it is important that we progress in lockstep with each other instead of each at our own pace. As Director of Construction Technology Christopher does just that, working with teams of estimators, project managers, field foremen, project controls specialists and BIM designers to plan, design, schedule and fabricate projects from inception to end. Constantly refining their processes during each phase of construction, Christopher loves learning new technologies to help Sturgeon better reach their goals and serve their partners.

One important topic that has been brought up again and again on Art of Construction is connecting the field with the office. Like many of our previous guests, Chris grew up working in the field in his trade as an electrician, and now uses that field knowledge to make decisions back at the office. This dynamic ensures that when he decides to implement a new technology, he is aware of what the rollout process will look like across his entire company’s operations so that no one gets left behind.

Keeping Sturgeon Electric up to date with all the new technology and processes also ensures they remain a top-notch subcontractor that GC’s can consistently rely on. Rather than waiting to find out about a new tool at the last second, Sturgeon Electric stays ahead of the curve and identifies all the project management software their existing and potential clients use ahead of time. This way, when project time arrives, they are able to seamlessly integrate into each other’s workflows without a problem.

This is how subcontractors can be key to a general contractor’s success— by taking initiative and integrating into the workflows of construction’s future, in order to make the project that much more smooth and efficient for everyone else involved. Join Devon as a he goes on a journey with Christopher to discuss this and so much more!


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