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AOC Show 160: Influencer Marketing for Modular Home Builders and Offsite Construction

Steve Nonis

Turner Fleischer

Dave Cooper, construction expert, video entrepreneur and Managing Director of Connecticut Valley Homes, joins us on this episode 160 of Art of Construction.

Dave Cooper is a modular construction expert and video entrepreneur who believes in the art of conversation, connecting people, creating an environment of inclusivity and idea generation in order to grow the offsite construction industry.

Similar to Art of Construction, Dave has spent years putting out content and building up an organic audience. He has grown his platform mostly through his consistent video content, centered on the cutting-edge information and stories of what's happening in the modular industry today. By being a consistent resource for information Dave has become an influencer in the world of construction, and now travels the country attending conferences and meeting with individual clients and businesses where he can share his knowledge.

Join Devon as he went on a journey with Dave to reflect on what it takes to become an influencer in the Digital Age, what the new dynamic of the Internet means for telling the story of construction's future, and how you can utilize this new digital landscape to grow your business.


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