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AOC Show 166/Indoor-Outdoor Living Series: Integrity is Key

David Haynes

Turner Fleischer

Chris Guido, Owner of Guido Materials, and Patrick Gruetzmacher, CEO of Summit Automation, join us on this episode 166 of Art of Construction.

We are so excited to be offering you this Deep Dive Series, Indoor-Outdoor Living brought to you by Summit Automation. In this series we will be diving deep into Big Doors! Many words are used to describe this hot trend like Moving Walls, Scenic Doors and alike, but no matter which term we use it is undeniable that floor to ceiling glass is the new big thing in home construction. What does this mean for contractors and affiliates? What adaptions must we make to take this new approach to design and construction head-on and use it to grow our business? Joined by PJ Gruetmacher, CEO of Summit Automation, we will be interviewing three owners of window & door dealerships across the US to find out the answers to those questions and so much more!

Turner Fleischer

​​In this second episode, Chris Guido tells us all about the story of Guido Materials, his style of leadership, and how his company is tackling the expansion of the Big Door movement. As glass panel sizes continue to get bigger, jobsite safety during installation becomes a bigger issue as well. That is why Chris’s team at Guido Materials heavily vets each Big Door project long before they’re on site to ensure a safety issue doesn’t arise later on. Along these same lines of increased safety, PJ dives a little deeper into how Summit Automation is working to ensure their products pass safety certifications that guarantee they won’t even hurt someone in your home.

Ultimately, Chris and PJ both agreed that when it comes to these new, bigger projects, integrity is key. As homeowners continue to want to go bigger, building in these new Big Door products requires increased levels of coordination and communication between the builder, manufacturer and subcontractors. It also means sticking to your word if you want to be successful.

Join Devon as he goes on a journey with Ben and PJ at Window Dealer Days outside Glass Build America 2019 in Atlanta to uncover all there is to know about the new Indoor-Outdoor Living Movement!


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