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AOC Show 169/Real-Time Rendering & Virtual Reality Series: Storytelling is Story Selling

Enoch Chow

Turner Fleischer

Enoch Chow, Director of Digital Practice at EYRC Architects, and Matt McMullen, Associate Principal at Abel Design Group, join

us on this episode 169 of Art of Construction.

Enscape's company statement starts with this message: “Enscape has a passion for 3D and VR. Our mission is to realistically experience the design of any project ahead of construction. This creates higher confidence and leads to better and faster decisions.”

Several months ago we featured the founder and managing director of Enscape, Moritz Luck on AOC episode 157 entitled How a Video Game Became Architecture’s Most Powerful New Tool. Now, after hearing the story of how this amazing new company and tool came to be, we wanted to take a deeper dive into Enscape and what it has to offer to the AEC community. We’ll be doing this by interviewing three power users who utilize Enscape in their architecture firms.

On this first episode in the series, we spoke with Enoch Chow who’s lead the charge of incorporating Enscape into business operations at his firm. Devon, Matt and him spoke at length about the history of rendering in the architecture and construction worlds and why it’s so valuable that what used to take up to 2-3 weeks can now be done in a few hours with Enscape. This is the power of real-time rendering.

Ultimately, Enscape is about setting up architects and designers to create the best possible presentations they can for their project’s stakeholders. Those precious hours in front of all relevant parties on a construction project are architects’ time to shine, and the moment most vital for the financial success of their firm. More than ever before, Enscape allows users to use these precious hours to really tell the story of their design, what their intentions were, what it will feel like spatially, and to really leave all stakeholders with that “WOW” factor that is never possible to get from a drawing on a piece of paper.

As we always say on Art of Construction, this platform is about connecting technology to handshakes. In this case, the technology is Enscape and the professional’s hand we are shaking is Enoch. It’s great to be able to take a bird’s-eye view on all this new technology and talk over what it means for our industry, but to really get down into it and speak to those who are putting these new tools into practice in their daily lives is where the path forward becomes the most clear on how we all can best use these new tools.

Enscape is certainly an amazing new company that’s making waves in the industry, and we are honored to help tell their story in this Deep Dive Series. Stay tuned for more episodes featuring team members from Abel Design Group and Turner Fleischer!


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