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AOC Show 172: Driving Efficiency and Company Culture to Build More

Charlie and Wendi Getcher
Turner Fleischer


Sean McCreanor, Co-Founder and CEO of Assignar, joins us on this episode 172 of Art of Construction.

Assignar is an end-to-end operations platform for construction sub-contractors and self-perform GCs. Assignar helps grow revenue, productivity, efficiency as well as gaining visibility and eliminates paperwork. Their clients operate in road, rail, civil, commercial, mining, oil & gas, infrastructure & other construction disciplines across the US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

Sean’s journey to creating Assignar began with an extremely relatable problem of drowning in paperwork, operations and logistics. In 2013 Assignar was built as a proof of concept to solve operational challenges that came with the growth of his rail subcontracting business, which was expanding nationally. Being a tech guy, he designed and built the Assignar prototype, and once implemented into his sub-contracting business there were measurable results within 2 months.

As they say, “the rest is history.” Since launching into the market, Assignar has continued to experience 300%+ annual growth and counts many sub-contractors, asset owners, large General Contractors and publicly listed companies as customers.

Join Devon as he goes on a journey with Sean to learn all about what led him to create Assignar, how Assignar can be used to drive efficient workflows and reinforce company culture, and how all of this allows us to do the one thing we all want to do: BUILD MORE!

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