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AOC Show 182: Importing Windows to the US

Vicki Suiter
Turner Fleischer

Dominik Mryczko and Magda Cedro-Czubaj, Chief Business Development Officer and Chief of Marketing for Oknoplast, and Jakub Razniak, Owner of Craftwood Doors & Windows join us on this episode 182 of Art of Construction. Oknoplast is a leading manufacturer of PVC windows and doors based in Poland. They have been on top of the European market for many years now, and recently made the decision to begin their entrance into the American market. Devon met up with their team at IBS, where Oknoplast had a huge presence with an amazing product showcase that Art of Construction did a video shoot and other marketing for. To discuss their recent venture into the American market and what they have in store, we were also joined by the owner of the first window & door dealer in America to sell Oknoplast windowsJakub with Craftwood Doors & Windows out of Chicago. Join Devon as he goes on a journey with Jakub and the Oknoplast team to learn all about their history and why they’re entering the American market, what Oknoplast has to offer in terms of their innovative window & door products, and what the future has in store for their plan to import windows and doors to dealers and projects across America.


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