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AOC Show 190/Cultivate Advisors Series: The Systemizer

Vicki Suiter
Turner Fleischer



Jenna Bayer, Owner of Jenna Bayer Garden Design, and Jaime Rowe, Business Advisor at Cultivate Advisors join us for episode 190 of Art of Construction and episode 4 of our Deep Dive Series with Cultivate Advisors!

So far in this series, we've gone over the first three stages of the Entrepreneurial Journey: the Hustler, the Experimenter and the Visionary. We've taken a journey through the beginning stages of starting your business, through hiring your first employees, developing your company's mission, team and strategies, to paving your path towards profitability. Now, as the systemizer, you're a business owner who's done all those things and is now looking ahead towards scalability and growth far beyond where you started.

Jenna Bayer Garden Design is a company that specializes in water features, pool landscaping, outdoor kitchens, gardens, and new construction. Founder and owner Jenna is like many owners and entrepreneurs in the construction industry, in that she has a tendency to move a mile a minute. And while that sort of personality is great for growing your business, it can get in the way of effectively managing employees who may move at a different pace. To create a solid culture and organization within your business, you need to develop systems and practices that work not only for you as the owner, but for everyone on your team.

To set up those effective systems, Cultivate worked with Jenna to help her understand the dynamics between her team and her on a deeper level. With that added psychological view of where her employees fit into her vision, Jenna was able to create a culture and effective systems and practices in her company that utilized each employee to their fullest potential. By doing this, she was able to successfully expand into new areas and grow her garden design firm to new levels of growth she never thought possible.


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