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AOC Show 193: A Matchmaking Service That Sweetens the Deal for Contractors and Homeowners

Vicki Suiter
Turner Fleischer

Jean Brownhill, CEO & Founder at Sweeten, joins us for Art of Construction episode 193.

Sweeten is a digital matchmaking service, such as Match or Tinder, but for linking up homeowners with contractors. Jean is a trained architect who founded Sweeten after a personal home renovation project that was much harder than expected. After seeing the disorganized chaos around how general contractors work with homeowners in our industry, she decided to launch Sweeten to streamline the process of how homeowners find the right general contractor for their jobs, and vice-versa.

One of our favorite parts about Sweeten is the relationship they have with the general contractors that use their platform. When a homeowner signs up for Sweeten to find a GC, they are promised that they'll find someone top-notch. This means that Jean's team works hard to recruit only top-notch contractors to their platform, and works hard on building relationships in order to help them grow even more. Likewise, Sweeten doesn't get paid until the GC gets paid, meaning they are truly in it to help our industry grow.

Join Devon as he goes on a journey with Jean to learn all about her story in founding Sweeten, how the matchmaking service works, and how figuring out exactly what jobs you excel at the most is key to growing your business as a general contractor.


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