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AOC Show 222/Drone School Series: Turning Theory Into Practice

Jared McKinney, BIM Technician at Burleson Construction, and Dr. Joe Burgett, professor in the Nieri Family Department of Construction Science and Management at Clemson University, join us for episode 222 of Art of Construction and episode 2 of our Deep Dive Series looking into how contractors and affiliates can best leverage drone technology to help grow their business.

In our first episode of this series we learned the science and best practices of drone hardware from Stephen Baxley, Founder & CEO of Airworx. Now that we've learned what you need to know before purchasing a drone, we're exploring the nuts and bolts of using drone technology on construction projects; straight from a prior student of Joe's drone course at Clemson.

The lowest hanging fruit of what a drone does is capture a pretty picture. On a construction project, there can be endless uses for having a clear, aerial view of the entire jobsite at your fingertips at any given time. In this way, we truly connect the field to the office. But capturing pretty pictures is just scratching the surface of the value drones can bring to construction companies.

Join Devon and Joe as they learn how and why Jared uses a drone for his job at Burleson Construction, the endless possibilities and use cases for drones on construction projects, and how contractors and affiliates can integrate the efficiencies and improvements that construction technology brings into their workflow.


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