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AOC Show 225: How Visualizing Today Helps Us Build Tomorrow

Petr Mitev, VP of Visualization Product Unit at Enscape and Matt McMullen, AOC Executive Director, join us for episode 225 of Art of Construction and our fifth episode with Enscape.

Enscape is a real-time rendering and visualization software that plugs directly into modeling programs, providing the quickest and easiest way to turn building models into three-dimensional experiences. Unlike other software that takes rigorous training or a certain degree to understand, Enscape is easily useable, all beginning with the "Start" button.

We've gotten to dive in with many of the brilliant brains behind Escape, as well as utilize its multi-functional capabilities in recent AOC architectural projects. But today, we're looking at things through Petr's visualization lens – and it goes far beyond buildings. Through his architectural education and experience, Petr saw inefficient workflows in design, the gap between architecture, engineering and construction, and the limited understanding of other software companies. By having a practice perspective, he realized the closer the connection to customers and their needs, the more effective the tools and solutions will be.

Join Petr, Matt and Devon as they discuss the crucial architectural lessons Petr learned and brought to Enscape, maintaining a software to be used in daily practice, and how sharing knowledge among different segments of our industry will lead to breaking down silos.



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