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AOC Show 226/Drone School Series: Graduation From Drone School is Just the Beginning

Alex Silva, Logistics Technician at Mountain View Window & Door, Dr. Joe Burgett, professor in the Nieri Family Department of Construction Science and Management at Clemson University, and Jon Stambaugh, Logistics Director of AOC and Mountain View Window & Door, join us for episode 226 of Art of Construction and episode three of our Deep Dive Series looking into how contractors and affiliates can best leverage drone technology to help grow their business.

It's no question that AOC is all about elevating our industry to new heights, but elevating our own warriors in the field to fly high (literally) is what we're absolutely dedicated to. We're wrapping up our Deep Dive Series on drones by bringing in one of our very own Blue Collar Warriors and an expert window and door installer, Captain Alex. From being intrigued by drones, to being intimidated by the drone pilot certification process, to graduating the course and taking the first steps into flight, Alex's journey with drones has come full circle.

Join Alex, Joe, Jon and Devon as they discuss Alex's firsthand experience of attending and graduating from the drone course, the limitless use cases of drones in our industry, unassuming the assumed barriers, and how investing in employees will inherently benefit your company, and the future of construction.


Clemson University Drone Course

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