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AOC Show 227/Building an IT House Series: Laying the Foundation

Ryan Lee, President and CEO of Information Technology Solutions, Corp joins us for episode 227 of Art of Construction, and episode one of our Deep Dive Series looking into how construction projects and IT platforms are built, and humanizing IT in construction.

Information Technology Solutions, Corp (ITS) is a Colorado-based company dedicated to providing complete IT and electrical solutions to businesses in various industries – from AEC, to medical, to legal. They offer a plethora of tech services including onsite and cloud-based communications, building automation, network infrastructure and more, but with a customer-centric and human approach. They know IT programming isn't sustainable in a one-and-done capacity, and that nurturing relationships with their clients will lead to true IT successes.

From building pool tables with Devon in college, to working at a large IT company before starting his own, Ryan learned through experience that planning and foundation is everything. He saw the evolution of tech building and where it was going, and saw himself in a special position that allowed him to not only understand tech but to also explain it and implement solutions in small businesses. He uncovers that IT isn't a black box that our industry should fear, but a tool that requires the same processes as a build project – planning, budgeting and maintenance.

Join Ryan and Devon as they explore the founding of ITS, the parallels of project building and IT platform building, effectively implementing IT solutions in construction, and laying the foundation for this intriguing series – with many laughs and some reminiscing along the way.



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