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AOC Show 228: Build It Like Your Kids Will Live In It

Edie Dillman and Jonah Stanford, CEO and CTO of B.PUBLIC Prefab, and Matt McMullen, AOC Executive Director, join us for episode 228 of Art of Construction.

B.PUBLIC Prefab is a New Mexico-based building design company that's dedicated to housing sustainability and environmental responsibility, through designing high performance buildings built by people who can afford to live in them. As the housing and climate crises increase and intensify, they believe everyone deserves to live in a healthy, built-to-last home with a lower dependence on energy, carbon-heavy materials and cost.

Every building has intention behind it, but is that intention to be a livable space for decades and generations to come? Sustainability is serious, especially when it comes to construction. All aspects of it – durability of products, carbon elimination, manufacturing processes, the work force, etc. Through their years of experience in art school, education-to-workforce systems, and housing development, Edie and Jonah have developed a unique perspective of these issues and joined forces to create solutions, including panels prefabricated in workshops, to custom single and multi-family house plans that use 80% less energy.

Join Edie, Jonah, Matt and Devon as they discuss the story of B.PUBLIC, the urgency for more sustainable building and valued skilled labor, the importance of building performance measurement, and how people are truly the only solution to the issue.



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