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AOC Show 230: Green Building is the New Green Thumb

Gregory Ingalls, Architect and Board Member for the Colorado Green Building Guild, and Matt McMullen, AOC Executive Director, join us for episode 230 of Art of Construction.

The Colorado Green Building Guild is a Boulder-based nonprofit trade organization that represents a variety of green building leaders – from architects and general contractors, to realtors and homeowners. Through promoting the widespread adoption of sustainable building practices and resource efficiency, they strive to not only create healthier buildings, but also to make green building an easily-accessible common practice to communities in Colorado and beyond.

At AOC, we're constantly asking ourselves and our industry leaders how we build better buildings. But to really understand, we need to dive deeper and ask, what actually makes a building better? It's one that is energy and resource-efficient, can be transformed over time without restructuring, and is built to last. Through his lifelong niche for building and architectural education, Gregory has realized that sustainability is synonymous with resiliency.

Tune in as Gregory, Matt and Devon discuss the evolution of the Colorado Green Building Guild, how green building isn't necessarily constructing something completely new, how client education is crucial, and the need for dialogue with all involved on a project.


Colorado Green Building Guild Website

Boulder Green Home Tour Event

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