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AOC Show 232: Contractor Marketing That Doesn't Suck

Tim Brown, Founder and CEO of Hook Agency, and Scott Hicken, AOC Executive Producer and Marketing Director of Mountain View Window & Door, join us on episode 232 of Art of Construction.

Hook Agency is a Minneapolis-based, Google-specialized construction marketing company that specializes in high-end website building, search engine optimization and pay-per-click marketing. With a deep respect and passion for the skilled trades, growth-minded contractors and home service companies are their sole client focus. They believe websites shouldn't just be for show and fluff, but rather long-term assets that consistently bring traffic and quality leads to your business.

It's no question that when a building is built lazily, or a project is carelessly thrown together, it usually sucks. Low-quality marketing projects and strategies are no exception! Tim Brown is very well aware of this, which is why he started Hook Agency. He's always appreciated the entrepreneurial spirit of contractors and their abilities to build something tangible – and wanted to help showcase their crafts and earn them more business.

Join Tim, Scott and Devon as they discuss the founding of Hook Agency, the need for contractors in the digital age to own their marketing, agency types to steer clear from, the difference between leads and quality leads, marketing statistics you should actually care about, and how finding a few specific marketing solutions for your business is far more beneficial than trying a bunch at half capacity.



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