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AOC Show 234: The Best Modular Construction Requires a Holistic Mindset

Michael Heitsman, President of Development at Best Gen Companies, and Matt McMullen, AOC Executive Director, join us for episode 234 of Art of Construction.

Best Gen is a South Dakota-based turnkey modular real estate company that delivers the complete process, from conception to completion. With specialties covering the entire scope of building (architectural design, development, commercial, single family custom homes, management and investments) they strive to create the next "Best GENeration" in turnkey projects throughout the Midwest and South regions of the U.S.

In construction, the concept of modular is increasing in popularity, even becoming a mainstream building practice. This is crucial in building better buildings, but if there's limited connectivity and communication on all fronts, the process becomes just as inefficient and messy as what we know old construction practices to be.

With a background in architecture and a desire to create the most utilizable buildings, it didn’t take long for Michael Heitsman to realize the immense, typical disconnect between architects, owners, general contractors and modular factories. He knew a beginning-to-end, innovative approach to modular projects was the best practice, which is what led to the becoming of Best Gen with a likeminded business partner, Branden Bestgen.

Join Michael, Matt and Devon as they discuss Best Gen's holistic mindset and approach in modular construction, what being nimble means in our industry today, how building a space with input from the users of the space is crucial, and the benefits of leaving egos at the door.



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