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AOC Show 237: Winning The Contractor Fight

Tom Reber, HGTV Host, Construction Business Coach, Founder of We Live Unafraid Apparel and Host of The Contractor Fight Podcast, joins us for episode 237 of Art of Construction.

Tom Reber is the creator of The Contractor Fight, a movement of Home Improvement Contractors who are taking back control of their businesses & fattening their wallets. He is one of the most sought after contractor coaches & consultants in the United States. Tom is a longtime friend of Art of Construction and was previously featured on AOC Show 85: How to Make Your Contracting Business Successful.

Since his first AOC appearance in 2017, a lot has happened. Join Devon and Tom as they reflect on their journeys forming their respective tribes of warriors and fighters hungry to grow their business, the experiences and philosophies that laid the foundation for the The Contractor Fight, and the importance of owning your crap to truly grow in the Art of Construction.

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