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AOC Show 240/Blue Collar Warrior Series: The Conscious Builder

Casey Grey, Founder of the award-winning sustainable building company The Conscious Builder and host of The Conscious Builder Podcast, and Jon Stambaugh, Logistics Director of AOC and Mountain View Window & Door, join us for episode 240 of Art of Construction and episode 5 of our Blue Collar Warrior Series.

When Casey first started his construction company, it was just like every other company. He just wanted to do good work and make a good living. It was not until he and his wife, Natasha, attended their first Tony Robbins event in 2012 that his mindset shifted and he started to ask himself "Why?"

Then, when he and Natasha found out they were having a child, everything clicked. If he was going to tell this child that he could do anything he wanted and become whoever he wanted, he would have to lead by example. That's when The Conscious Builder was born.

The Conscious Builder is about making conscious decisions. Being aware of how every decision and every action will have an impact. This means that you may not be able to build or renovate your home 100% sustainably, but you can do it 100% consciously. If you’re aware of the implications of your decisions then you make conscious decisions.

Join Devon, Jon and Casey as they explore the mindset of The Conscious Builder and what the Blue Collar Warriors of the AOC Tribe can learn from it!


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