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AOC Show 242/Artificial Intelligence Series: Planning Your Tenders

Claire Lepoutre, Head of Planning at Skanska, and Phil Carpenter, CMO at ALICE Technologies, joins us for episode 243 of Art of Construction and the third and final episode of our Deep Dive Series looking into how artificial intelligence can improve construction projects.

Skanska is a world leading project development and construction group, building for a better society. As Head of Planning for Skanska UK, Claire first implemented ALICE to better help them submit bids (or tenders as they are called in the UK!) that they knew they could deliver on. Using ALICE helps Skanska have a much more accurate idea of the cost, time, safety, and environmental impact of projects before beginning, improving profitability and mitigating risk for them, their partners and stakeholders.

Join Devon, Phil and Claire as they discuss how Skanska uses ALICE to improve efficiencies as they plan out highly complex infrastructural projects, how artificial intelligence can supply a common language for different teams to agree on a project sequence, and the power of planning your tenders using ALICE's AI simulator.


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