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AOC Show 247: Managing Margin Pressure With ONE Platform

Paul McKeon, Founder and CEO of B2W Software, joins us for episode 247 of Art of Construction.

Margin pressure, job complexity and competition are intensifying. This makes construction project management more challenging and utilizing construction software more critical. That’s why large and small companies, spanning all heavy civil specialties, have turned to B2W Software for construction estimating, field operations, fleet maintenance, data capture and analysis, and business intelligence.

Specialized capabilities and a unified platform deliver clear advantages to improve efficiency, project outcomes, cost management and safety. B2W Software elements connect people, workflows and data – empowering and inspiring employees in the office, the field and the shop to win more jobs and complete them on time and on budget.

Paul has been in heavy civil construction industry since he was in college. He would often experiment with managing software, primarily to deliver effective and accurate estimates. Eventually, his tool evolved to target the rest of the construction project lifecycle in areas such as budgets, schedules, equipment, and people. Initially called Bid2Win, the company was renamed to B2W in 2013. Its services and tools continue to evolve as the B2W team works in close contact with their customers to test the effectiveness of their platform and see how it can be improved.

Join Paul and Devon in their chat about common factors that can dramatically effect a project's profitability, why centralized information management software is critical for connecting the field to the office, and the importance of real-time project data in growing your business.



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