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AOC Show 250/SBL Reboot: The Evolution of the System Build Lifestyle

Audree Grubesic, Ken Semler and Gary Fleisher join us for a very special episode 250 of Art of Construction.

It’s been almost 4 years since Devon and Audree decided to launch their System Build Lifestyle Series on the Art of Construction. If you've been listening to our program for a while, then you'll remember those episodes! Since that series, both Audree and Devon have delved much deeper into the business of modular and Offsite Construction. Art of Construction has launched an architecture firm designing mostly custom modular homes, and Audree has been leading her team at Modular Sure Site consulting on projects across the country. Audree also launched her own media venture,, a central resource for news, updates and commentary on Offsite Construction.

Joining as guests on this special episode are two of the most important influencers in the space of modular and Offsite Construction, Ken Semler and Gary Fleisher. Ken has recently launched Impresa Modular, a custom modular home building franchise, with plans to expand across the country. For many years, Gary has been writing articles on the Offsite Construction space as the Modcoach. Now, Ken and Gary have joined forces to launch a new media team, iMedia Group, whose flagship product will be the new Offsite Builder Magazine, a resource on Offsite Construction for builders, developers and manufacturers.

Join Devon, Audree, Ken and Gary as this group of construction media superstars assesses the current state of Offsite Construction, how far we’ve come and all that’s been achieved in the last 4 years, and what lies ahead for the AEC industry as we continue to move towards Offsite Construction as the best solution to the problems we currently face.


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