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AOC Show 252/Blue Collar Warrior Series: Finding Your Passion in Construction

Amanda Alexander, Client Relations at Stream Logistics, joins us for episode 252 of Art of Construction.

Stream Logistics specialize in construction logistics. Construction is in the midst of radical innovation and the old logistics solutions are not good enough. Offsite construction has changed the way product needs to be transported, stored, and received. They are solution geeks, so they love the challenge of solving these new difficulties. Rather than being a jack of all trades, they have committed to being the master of construction logistics.

Amanda went down several different career paths before landing a role in logistics and finding that she absolutely loved the construction industry. With the current labor shortage our industry is facing, we could use a lot more people like Amanda. What led to her finding her passion in an area like trucking, and how can we spread this passion to other future blue collar warriors?

Join Jon and Devon as they learn about Amanda's journey and how she came to work at Stream Logistics, how her team is pioneering the best logistics solutions for the offsite and modular construction industry, and some life strategies for finding the right career path as a blue collar warrior.



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