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AOC Show 259: The Construction Layout Roomba

Derrick Morse and Logan Farrell, CEO, CTO and Co-Founders of Rugged Robotics, join us for episode 259 of Art of Construction.

Rugged Robotics is a Houston-based construction technology company. Their first product tackles the challenge of field layout, and replaces slow, error-prone, manual layout with an autonomous vehicle that marks fully-coordinated A/E designs directly onto unfinished floors. Like a Roomba for construction layout!

Derrick is a professional engineer turned management consultant and entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in engineering, construction and B2B services. After conceptualizing the idea of Rugged Robotics, he knew he needed a technical partner to help launch the company. Then entered Logan, an engineer who'd spent 7 years in robotic design and development at NASA, to serve as co-founder and develop their first product as Chief Technology Officer.

Join Devon, Derrick and Logan as they discuss the backstory of Rugged Robotics, why robots are best for tasks that are dull, dirty and dangerous, how their product might be an easier path forward to digitizing the jobsite than things like virtual and mixed reality, and the freedom construction workers will experience when truly blended with automation in the right way.



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