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AOC Show 261: High Stakes Freight

Carson Holmquist, Co-Founder and CEO of Stream Logistics, joins us for episode 261 of Art of Construction. With the emergence of offsite construction (prefab, modular, and pods), the nature of construction logistics is evolving. This modern approach to construction is defined by high stakes. Timelines are tight, space is limited, and delays are wildly expensive. When stakes are high, the wins are lucrative and the losses can be catastrophic. This is the field that Stream Logistics has chosen to work in.

Stream was founded in 2012 by Carson Holmquist and Chad Patton to provide quality and reliability never before seen in the industry. They envisioned meaningful collaborations with loyal clients, delivering incredible solutions, and eliminating uncertainty in transportation. Stream considers themselves an Offsite Construction company and does transportation for many modular and prefab projects across the country. Join Devon and Carson as they discuss why logistics is the secret sauce for scaling offsite construction, how the Amazon effect and "just-in-time" delivery models have created today's high stakes projects, the roadblocks to change our industry faces, and where the Stream team fits into the evolution of the System Build movement in construction.


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