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AOC Show 262: Everyday Information Modeling

Brian Mackey, Owner of BD Mackey Consulting, joins us for episode 262 of Art of Construction and the second episode in our Digital Built Week 2022 pre-shows.

BD Mackey consulting was created to support BIM needs for AEC companies of all size through educational services, technical support, mentoring and custom training. Their goal is to make each company they work with more productive, more efficient and more successful in all areas of the Building Information Modeling process. Brian has been using Revit longer than most and knows the ins and outs of its many uses in the AEC industry. Rather than just a tool for large commercial architects and general contractors, he tells us just how there are potentially infinite uses for the data gathered from BIM for companies of all sizes. He himself began using BIM creating shop drawings as an architectural millworker.

While people think BIM has to be about a whole building, the "information" in Building Information Modeling could be anything. What kind of data do you need on a project, and how can you use that data to improve your process? These are the questions Brian asks his clients, and the question each of us should ask ourselves as we explore the best ways to integrate BIM into our company, workflow, or practice. Microsoft Excel, for example, is technically an "information modeling" tool, and the one the most people are familiar with! All of us already use Excel in our daily work life to streamline our company's operations. BIM is simply bringing that process to the next level.

Join Devon and Brian as they discuss everyday and unexpected uses of BIM, Brian's journey as one of the earliest Revit users in the United States, the resources available for implementing Revit into your workflow, what he'll be speaking about at Digital Built Week, and much more!

Visit our podcast page to enter for a chance to win a pair of FREE PASSES to Digital Built Week Americas, June 14th - 16th in Anaheim, California:


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