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AOC Show 265: Nothing's Too Small for BIM

Carl Storms, Technical Solutions Lead at BIM Track and Host of the BIMThoughts podcast, joins us for episode 265 of Art of Construction and the fourth and final episode leading up to Digital Built Week Americas 2022.

Carl knows BIM. He knows modeling, coordination, and improving processes; he’s been doing it for over 20 years. And above all, he knows how to teach and inspire others to adopt BIM/VDC in their own workflows. We wanted to continue our conversation on BIM with Carl with a very simple question: "What's too small for BIM?" The answer, in fact, is nothing. The information in "BIM" can be literally anything, and you can transfer that information without ever needing to navigate a complex 3D model. If more residential and small to medium sized construction business adopted this mindset, we might finally get the change we need to see in our industry.

We also took a look into Carl's company BIM Track, which does well to showcase this transfer of information as a separate process from the modeling aspect of BIM. BIM Track is a web-based issue tracking platform for BIM coordination. All issue data from design to construction is accessible from any everyday BIM-CAD software or application, as well as their web and mobile platforms.

Join Devon and Carl as they tee up Digital Built Week Americas 2022 with a great conversation on all things BIM!



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