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AOC Show 268: Knowing Your Net Profit Margin Per Job

Marc Visent, Co-Founder & CEO of Knowify, joins us for episode 268 of Art of Construction.

"I have no idea how much money I make per project."


It was when Marc Visent first heard these words from a contractor that his vision for Knowify became crystal clear. Combining the best of CRM, project management and invoicing software, Knowify is an all-in-one tool to manage your company's operations for small contracting businesses. Their original specialty is providing construction businesses with job costing software to help them manage cost estimates, time keeping, and profitability data. Recently they have taken this one step further with their official partnership with Quickbooks. Knowify offers the most comprehensive integration with QuickBooks Online available in any business management application today.

Knowify is quickly growing a customer base of forward-thinking contractors hungry to do better and grow their business. Just five years ago the thought of a mass amount of contractors adopting a tool like Knowify to digitally streamline their operations was laughed at. It is now the standard reality of our industry. To truly grow your business in construction you need to really know your numbers and net profit margins, not just per year or quarter, but per job. Knowify is a tool to do that.

Join Devon and Marc as they discuss Knowify's intriguing origin story, the importance of knowing your numbers, the difference between CRM and ERP software, and creating one source of truth for your company's operations.



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