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Kelly Cone, Chief Strategy Officer at ClearEdge3D, joins us for episode 271 of Art of Construction and the third episode of our series recorded live at Digital Built Week Americas 2022.

Tired of all those buzzwords and the marketing hype surrounding them? Waiting until you see something actually usable come from them before you care? So are we. And while there are a lot of real life use cases in construction around things like Digital Twins, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and more (many we've discussed on the show), these terms can also lead to misunderstandings or be misused by marketing departments across the AEC industry. Not to mention things like NFT's, the Metaverse and Blockchain. Should they matter to you?

What's hype, what's fluff, and what is for real? Find out with Kelly Cone in this rambunctious episode of AOC!


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