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AOC Show 272: From Storage Structures to System Built

Chris Pearson, Owner, Operations and R&D Lead at Storage Structures, joins us for episode 272 of Art of Construction.

Storage Structures Inc. is a national metal-building subcontractor for the self-storage industry. Recently they have introduced their new Alpha light-gauge, 10-by-10-foot framing system, which is comprised mainly of factory-formed and assembled columns and beams. This new development was the result of a long and thorough research and development process as they looked for ways to grow their business.

In developing the Alpha Framing System, they focused on solving the major problems of our industry including time of construction, availability of labor and staining on the final product. It worked so well they have nearly doubled their capacity for new business.

Join Devon and Chris as they discuss the importance of R&D to grow your business, the details of their new Alpha Framing System, its potential use in multifamily developments, how they linked up with Art of Construction behind the scenes, the science of steel, and where Storage Structures fits into the System Built movement!



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