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AOC Show 275: A Seamless Digital Sales Experience

Ali Azhar, Chief Revenue Officer at HOVER, and Chad Enger, Owner of Black Hills Exteriors, join us for episode 275 of Art of Construction.

HOVER is the first app for contractors that provides you with an accurate 3D model of any home using photos taken with your smartphone. HOVER enables contractors to lower the time it takes to gather measurements, win more jobs, and improve communication with homeowners. The platform is used to save time, lower costs and provide professional estimates for new construction or renovation projects.

Chad Enger adopted HOVER into his business and has seen massive success, citing that his sales staff are able to take on three times the amount of projects that they were previously. Not only that, but the ability to quickly measure a home and showcase different design possibilities with the 3D model has improved every part of his business, from marketing and estimating to onboarding and training.

The Amazon Effect is real, tribe, and it is here to stay. Today's consumers demand a customer-centric sales experience that allows them to easily participate in the process. HOVER does that and much more with their 3D modeling platform; and it's all from the camera on the phone in your pocket.

Join Devon, Ali and Chad as they discuss the evolution of the HOVER platform, how Chad has used HOVER to scale his business to new heights, the way digital technology is changing the remodeling experience, and what the HOVER team has in store as they continue to expand their platform to all phases and types of construction.



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