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AOC Show 277: Increasing Productivity With Project Based Compensation

Michael Fortinberry, Co-Founder and COO at Protiv, joins us for episode 277 of Art of Construction.

Protiv is a revolutionary bonus program that directly ties productivity to employee pay, creating, tracking, and managing project based incentives. Companies that use Protiv simultaneously lower labor costs, increase employee wages, and reach higher profit margins, all without sacrificing quality or time.

The current hourly pay system is broken, and productivity across the board is suffering because of it. Employees are not directly compensated for the work they produce, resulting in decreased motivation, lower wages, higher turnover and lower profits. The Protiv solution is simple: if you incentivize employees correctly, they will be more productive.

Join Devon and Michael as they discuss how Protiv was born out of the needs and challenges of Michael's New York City renovation company, how the psychology of work and employment changes when using project based compensation, the importance of rewarding future work and not just past work, and how companies like Michael's have reduced labor costs while increasing wages when using the Protiv platform.



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