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AOC Show 279: Where Are All The Houses?

Alec Weichel, Founder and CEO of ListQuick, and Scott Hicken, AOC Executive Producer, join us for episode 279 of Art of Construction.

ListQuick's mission is to provide a highly accountable service to real estate professionals, as well as home buyer and sellers. They have an online portal and a directory of trusted real estate agents they can immediately pair you with in any major city. Alec believes there are certain realities to the residential real estate market that everyone should be aware of, and strives to make sure we are following and working with ethical people who are committed to the homebuying and selling sector.

Today's real estate market is one of the hardest to navigate as house prices skyrocket in many areas due to lack of supply. Multiple issues - including the lack of new construction, institutional investors buying up residential homes, and the effects of covid - have contributed to an enormous housing crisis in the US. While the American Dream is usually framed around owning your own home, the chance to do that is becoming slimmer and slimmer for many Americans.

Join Alec, Scott and Devon as they discuss the current housing crisis from the perspectives of real estate and construction, the pros and cons of treating houses as an asset to invest in, why the next generation won't settle for only renting housing, and the need for all in the housing industry to work together to get more people into good homes.


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