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AOC Show 281: Why Contractors Should Care About Licensing

Michael J. Armstrong, CEO at ARPL & NCARB, joins us for episode 281 of Art of Construction.

The Alliance for Responsible Professional Licensing (ARPL) promotes a responsible, balanced approach to professional licensing. They aim to educate policymakers and the public on the importance of protecting rigorous licensing for professionals with high public impact. They also provide best practices and practical solutions to help states solve occupation-specific licensing challenges.

Recent efforts around the country have been made to weaken or diminish professional licensing for all fields, including architecture and engineering. Unlicensed architects and engineers could make disasters for contractors on projects, so why is this happening? ARPL fights back against the removal of licensing on one end, but also pushes for licensing reform on the other end. After all, we all learn differently, and ARPL's team believes the licensing process should reflect that.

Join Devon and Mike as they discuss why contractors should care about the licensing of the architects and engineers they work with, the unintended consequences for the construction industry if architects’ license was weakened or eliminated, the relationship between licensing and winning projects, securing loans, and affording liability insurance, and how contractors and affiliates can join ARPL's fight for Responsible Professional Licensing.


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