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AOC Show 284: Building Your Business Story and Strategy

Jeani Ringkob, Founder of StoryBuilt Marketing & Coaching, joins us for episode 284 of Art of Construction.

Jeani Ringkob grew up in our industry and saw at a young age that business owners in construction are what our country is built on. With StoryBuilt, Jeani now serves those business owners.

Many business owners in our industry struggle with taking on projects that don't ultimately grow their business. Or they focus too much energy on marketing and sales tactics that bring few results. Jeani's process is about taking the time to identify the highest priority task with the biggest potential for growth and make that the focus mission. This allows the Art of Construction to get maximum return for being the best at what we do.


Join Devon and Jeani as they discuss how to know what areas to focus on for growth as a business owner, the importance of flywheel business models, her marketing takeaways from a lifetime of being embedded in construction, and much more!


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