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AOC Show 287: Raising the Next Generation of Blue Collar Leaders

John Seaman, President of JC Property Professionals, joins us for episode 287 of Art of Construction.

John grew up in a rural suburb in North Carolina where he was surrounded by men in the blue-collar industries of trade and construction. His youth helped him to acquire the skills that those hard working blue-collar employees had, but he knew he'd never be satisfied with a lifestyle of living paycheck to paycheck. John started his entrepreneurial journey by launching JC Construction, and eventually expanded the business from general contracting to handle the entire process of development as JC Property Professionals.

Join John and Devon as they discuss John's journey starting and growing his business into the construction empire it is today, tips and tricks on how he's ran his business, what goes into building a client's dream home, and what it will take to raise more collar blue collar business leaders in construction.


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