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AOC Show 289: The Future of Wood-Based System Built Construction

Art Schmon, Vice President EWP & Mass Timber at FEA (Forest Economic Advisors) and Managing Director of IWBC (Industrialized Wood-Based Construction Conference), & Brendan Lowney, Principal of Macroeconomics at FEA, join us for episode 289 of Art of Construction.

A confluence of global drivers including ESG, carbon sequestration, labor shortages, offsite productivity and digitalization are fueling a surge in demand for panelized and volumetric modular solutions with mass timber and light framing.

IWBC is where wood-based offsite construction’s suppliers, buyers and specifiers meet to explore opportunities, exchange ideas and introduce technologies to move this industry forward. Opportunities and advancements in integrated, offsite, wood-based manufacturing explained by the experts. If you’ve been dwelling on the edges of this revolution, now is the time to join it, push it and profit by it.

IWBC 2023 will take place September 26—29, 2023.


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