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AOC Show 290: Bringing Outside Perspectives Into Construction

Sarah Ahrendt, Chief Executive Officer of Ardmor Construction, joins us for episode 290 of Art of Construction.

As a nurse Sarah worked in multiple high paced environments, including ICU and working on a neuro-renal floor of a hospital. In 2014 she made a major career move and entered the construction field. In switching careers she found her passion: helping homeowners navigate the construction process.

Ardmor Construction is the number one roofing and siding specialist in Minnesota, and Sarah has grown it into a multimillion dollar company in a matter of years. Coming from a dissatisfaction with her job as a nurse, she entered construction with a fresh perspectives and found that it was a career path she could both excel at and enjoy.

Join Sarah and Devon as they discuss her entrepreneurial journey going from nursing to construction, why bringing outside perspectives into construction can yield very successful results, how we can bring more women into construction, and insights into how Sarah formed and shaped her business into the team of successful roofing & siding specialists they are today.


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