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AOC Show 293: The Past, Present and Future of Robotic Construction

Ola Skoglund, Chief Operating Officer at Randek Robotics, and Matt McMullen, AOC Executive Director, join us for episode 293 of Art of Construction.

Randek are pioneers in creating innovative automation solutions for customers within the prefabricated house manufacturing industry. They have developed and manufactured high performance machines and systems for prefabrication of walls, floors, ceiling, roof trusses, cut saws, butterfly turning tables and specialized machinery since the 1940s.

Today Randek is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high performance machines and complete systems for effective house manufacturing with 90 percent of the production being exported from their factory in Falkenberg, Sweden.

Join Ola, Devon and Matt as they learn about the history of Randek Robotics and the offsite construction industry in Europe, why and how anyone in the construction industry can benefit from robotic automation, balancing the need for standardization and customization, and the design philosophies Randek uses to make robots that handle all parts of the homebuilding process indoors.

Learn more at Randek Robotics

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