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AOC Show 298: Moving From Gas to Electric

Dan King, Owner of Reno James Engineering, joins us for episode 298 of Art of Construction.

Whether you like it or not, electrification of buildings is happening and is currently a major trend in the industry; it is not going away.​ The press likes to cover the push towards EV charging stations, electric ranges, and electric water heaters; however, the big emphasis will be the change to heat pump HVAC systems. Any heat pump pessimist should study its coefficient of performance (COP); helping building owners get more bang for their buck.

Reno James Engineering was founded in 2004 by Dan King, and has become a highly respected MEP consulting and Engineering firm in Colorado. They are known for their design craftsmanship, exceptional service, and their clear, consistent vision on projects both big and small. By utilizing their years of experience and knowledge, Reno James Engineering can produce efficient designs in a cost-effective manner.

Join Devon and Dan as they discuss the engineering behind electric-powered heating and cool, the pros and cons of electric vs. gas in a building, how to utilize the coefficient of performance in heat pump technology, and what the future holds for converting all heating and cooling of buildings to electricity.

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