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AOC Show 299: Using Taxes to Your Advantage

Philip Ross, A&E and Construction Lead at Anchin, and Joseph Molloy, CPA Tax Partner at Anchin, join us for episode 299 of Art of Construction.

Anchin is more than just accountants. They serve as advisors to Architectural, Engineering and Construction companies and contractors across multiple topics and issues. The AEC department at Anchin specifically works together with these firms to propel their success and growth. ​Much of their work revolves around helping their clients find and utilize valuable tax benefits, including an R&D tax credit that was recently legislated.

It’s often the case that a company will dismiss the idea that they may qualify for an R&D tax credit if not in a technology industry, specifically, but any company trying to value engineer the work they do to make it better and more efficient may qualify. The R&D Tax credit has tremendous value to the AEC industry as an immediate source of cash for many small and midsize companies. The credit is also a significant reduction to current and future tax liabilities and is much stronger than a deduction.​

Join Devon, Phil and Joe as they discuss the intricacies of R&D and other tax credits and how to know if they apply to your business, how to structure employment, contracts, equipment purchasing and more to best take advantage of construction tax codes, and some financial best practices for growing your business and never running out of cash when the tax man comes to collect.

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